Sunday, 31 March 2019

Worldwide Movement For Developing Relations Across Nations

It is called "Papa Jazz".

It is an instruction manual for community integration.

It is an etno-kitchen different every 12 hours dedicated to home cooks.

The cooking is filmed and the recipes available online to enable self promotion.

The radio presents live music in love of the culture of the cooks interpreted by improvising musicians.

Papa Jazz team is called "Free Collective" and offers opportunity of minimum wage in return for 48 hours a month work.

The instruction manual is build up in every community, specific to situations and with clear objectives openly communicated.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Brother, what is going on in Gent?...

Gent will always remain the place in which I was abducted by aliens. But this is an almost completely different story. Its name is "Backback 4", and yes, it represents a direction for movement.

For some people, "back" means "up". That became evident in the foyer of the SMAK museum on the 20th February when drummer Giovanni Barcella, saxist Marc de Maeseneer and guitarist Filip Wouters had their concert on the occasion of releasing their new CD

Their music is akin a rover discovering a new planet, with the audience in the position of scientists, comparing samples, focusing on details, asking questions and formulating theories. The objective distance they take from their sources such as jazz, psychedelic and noize looks systematic and scientific. 

This reconstruction is convincing and not forcefully seductive. There is harsh and there is mild, there is force and there is soothe, there is desert and there is thriving life. This powerful sense of space oddysey is keeping you up. You never knew you could do it, but here you are. Why isn't there no surprise? Or, is it?...

Paradoxically, you will not find steps back, but you are allowed to zoom in on carefully chosen instruments, forms, materials or scapes. But you are not going to stay there. You are safely composed in your home, in between your years. Everything is fine. Such a fine job. These people are so laid back, so they rightfully made it a title for their release. 

The opening act of the evening was the equally masterful European sextet "2000". Reedman Jan Klare, trumpeter Bart Maris, trombonist Steve Swell, cellist Elisabeth Coudoux, bassman Wilbert de Joode and drummer Michael Vatcher presented their new album called "Plant".

Their tremendous creative power was carefully constructed during the whole duration of the show. It seemed indeed grounded in biology and gave away sense of growth almost miraculously.

Natural equilibrium and self-restraint was their most evident secret. Transplanting a botanical garden in a modern art museum didn't look any difficult and it was equally focusing on the ground as well as the atmospheric dance.

At some point in the past, the band changed its name. When started by Jan Klare, it was named "1000". Reminiscent of the Fibbonaci sequence, this name inflation also grafts the idea of financial compulsory growth and and industrial environmental damage. During a baffling performance, they managed to water a great variety of seeds in the mind of their audience.